Monday, April 27, 2015

A lippie with my name written on it (literally!) - Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Wildly Pink


I am back with another Estee Lauder lippie post – I do love this brand when it comes to lippies because their lipsticks are so nice and juicy! If you missed my posts in the past, you can read about Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick in Blossom Bright and Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Baby Lipstick in Crystal Blush by clicking on their links, you will see what I mean about them being/looking juicy!

Last November, I posted on my blog about Estee's promo about having their lippies personalized (you can find the post here: ESTEE LAUDER GETS PERSONAL) but I didn't get my lippie that time. So when they finally sent me my very own personalized lippie with a shade that I totally am in love with instantly, it deserves a blog post!

I am not sure if Estee Lauder still offers the personalizing service, but I know for sure that this gorgeous shade is available all year round. It truly is a shade that I am so in love with!

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P&G gives me the gift to bring out my #BestBeautiful as a new mom!

I just received the sweetest "welcome to motherhood" gift from my P&G family! Such a very sweet gesture!

I am very excited to share these with you because they are from brands that I love using, plus new products from Safeguard that I have never seen before too! I am very exited! I would like to say THANK YOU to my P&G Family for sending me this wonderful package!

Curious about what they sent me? More after the break!

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara


The past couple of mascaras I received and reviewed here on my blog I was really happy because they really held up the curl of my stubborn lashes and gave me excellent volume and length. So when I received this new mascara from Max Factor, I was really excited to try it!

The last Max Factor mascara I tried was the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Volume and Curl Mascara from the Marilyn Monroe Campaign Kit. So let's see how this new mascara will fair shall we?
Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Unboxing my April BDJBox!


As I have mentioned before, BDJ Box unboxing day is always a good day! I received my April BDJ Box yesterday and I just couldn't wait to rip mine open! Special thanks to Xend for squishing my package though and making the box look ugly, but still -the contents remained intact so I am genuinely thankful for that. Hehehe...

I have seen snippets of other bloggers' unboxing photos but I refused to really look at their photos to see what brands are in the box because half of the excitement is in the suspense! Hehehe...

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My Go-to CC Cream when running quick mommy errands!


So now that I am up and about running errands left and right because I finally have a yaya for baby Henri, I found myself using this CC Cream a lot these past few days specially now that the days are becoming hotter and hotter and more humid! I am favoring this cream recently because it's very light weight and it gives me just the right amount of coverage that I need to make myself look put together. Just in time for summer too because this CC Cream has SPF 30/PA++!

And since I am still not feeling and looking myself, I need the extra help from beautifying products to make me look beautiful and composed. Yes, I feel so ngarag these last few weeks since giving birth! LOL New moms out there knows what I am talking about!
Revlon Absolute Radiance CC Cream SPF30/PA++ 30ml, PhP 725

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

TMM and baby: The other side of giving birth they didn't tell you about, and how I handled my feelings of guilt for giving my son formula


So, it's been way too long since I last blogged and as some of you may already know, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Henri Luis. I carried him to term, at 38 weeks. My water bag broke at 1:30AM on April 1, 2015 (yes, it seemed like an April Fool's joke at the time). My due date was April 15m but just like his mommy, he was already excited to socialize!

I am writing this post because 1, I want to document this experience and this side of motherhood no one warned me about, and 2 to share to first time mothers out there the gory details of motherhood that no one has told you before.

As you read a long, you will notice that I have used the word "pain" several times in one sentence. Yes, giving birth truly is such a painful experience whether it be normal or a cesarean delivery. Makes you appreciate every moment with your baby and your hubby too. The bond is something I have never experienced before.

I remember when I first announced on Facebook that I was pregnant, everyone was delighted knowing I tried hard to have a baby for 4 years. A good friend of mine texted me and congratulated me and said "good fucking luck!" I wasn't offended or anything, I laughed out loud actually and just didn't understand the meaning behind her message. All I knew was that parenthood is hard so maybe that's what she meant.

A week after we brought Henri home, and came the sleepless nights and painful breastfeeding latching, I messaged my friend and said "Remember when you told me 'good fucking luck?' I now fucking get it."

Read more about my birthing experience and the first few weeks of motherhood after the break!


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