Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prestige Cosmetics New Back to Black Products (Review and Swatches)


Back in 2004 upon graduating from makeup school, Prestige was my go-to brand for their affordable cosmetics and of great quality. Back then, my batchmates were all about MAC and other high end brands but I was in BeautyBar looking for alternative products, so I was really into Prestige and VOV (remember VOV?). I was an start-up/aspiring makeup artist with hardly enough money to support this new career venture of mine so I had to result to affordable cosmetics that would give me the same effect as those high-end, professional brands.

Fast forward to the present, for a while I thought Prestige was no longer available in Manila so I was surprised when I got invited to the launch of the Prestige Total Intensity and Back to Black makeup collection. I guess you can say that the brand has been revamped in a way. I cannot wait to show you the Back to Black Lifesavers!
Prestige Cosmetics Back to Black Collection

Read on to view what superb products are waiting for you at Prestige!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jimmy Choo's EDP definitely makes it to my list of good gifts to give for Valentine's Day!

"The most popular brand of luxury shoes and fashion accessories, Jimmy Choo, launches its first fragrance, simply named Jimmy Choo. 
Jimmy Choo fragrance, described as "feminine yet empowering, with a lot of sensuality to it", was developed in cooperation with Inter Parfums and the famous perfumer from IFF Olivier Polge. The seductive composition is a modern chypre fruity, with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli. 
The packaging and the textured glass bottle is designed by Mellon herself. She was inspired by Murano glass and devoted so much attention to the appearance, so that it would be desirable and appropriate for your nightstand."
So I finally threw some cash around and bought myself a big 100ml bottle of this beauty after smelling it originally in 2011 when it was first launched in Manila. I bought this bottle a few months before getting pregnant but it's only now I got to post a review of it! I have been using it constantly, and not only in the evening! Sometimes I use it during the day when I have events to attend.

My first impression? It was so strong, definitely. For that reason and that reason alone I was somewhat wary of this fragrance, but there really was something about this perfume that kept haunting me. Whenever I passed by the Rustan's cosmetics department, my eyes would be drawn to this perfume. It was one of those situations were you want to pull away from something, and yet simultaneously there is that something that is drawing you in.
Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum 100ml, PhP 6,400

Still looking for a gift for HER for Valentine's Day? Do check out more about this fragrance after the break!

I bet you didn't know these things about Girl Stuff Nail Lacquers!

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I love nail polish! I mean, who doesn't? Aside from lipstick, it's the fastest way to dress up your outfit for whatever occasion: casual? formal?

I think that having one's nails done is very relaxing and totally the best way to spend lazy Sunday afternoons. Recently though, I have been more cautious with the nail polishes that I choose to put on my nails because there have been so much articles about harmful chemicals in nail polish. And not just because I am pregnant. Women should avoid the harmful 5s at all cost specially when they love putting on nail polish!

But thank goodness for brands that are now coming out with '5-FREE' polishes (Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-phtalate, Formaldehdye-resin and camphor). And because it is 5-Free, it is safe not only for kids and pregnant women, but for all actually!
Girl Stuff Nail Lacquers

Are you addicted to polish too? Then you will love these! More about Girl Stuff after the break.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Maybelline White SuperFresh Arrives in Manila! (Event Photos and Product Review)

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Last Thursday I attended the launch of Maybelline's White SuperFresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder. Ever since I received my invite a week before the event, I was so giddy about this new product that Maybelline is bringing in because I am crazy about face powders. Sometimes a good powder is all you need to make your life easier in putting on your makeup in the morning, specially if you're in a rush!

So let me tell you all about this amazing new product from Maybelline, and I will be reviewing the powder after my post on the event.

Before anything else, let me tell you something about this new product. So what exactly is White SuperFresh Powder? It's a face powder that promises that super fresh and matte beauty that lasts up to 12 hours! Amazing, I know right? Now, are you curious too? Find out more after the break!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How I Tamed my Damaged Hair with Lucido-L


Ever since I got pregnant, I haven't had the time to go to the salon and get hair treatments to my almost dead hair. Plus, the fact that a lot of people advise against having hair treatments, I just decided to wait until a few months after I give birth to go back to my favorite salon, HairShaft, and have a complete hair overhaul. I badly need Fred Penales right now to do magic on my hair.

For the meantime though, I have resulted to ever more, home treatments that would tame my very dry hair. The ends of my almost dead hair have already began to result in knots and feel very sticky, specially after I shower and air-dried.

My beautiful ash blonde hair has turned ombre (which I sort-of like, considering...), and the layers that Fred styled has turned fringes. After bath, I always applied DOVE Hair Vitamin which has worked out so well for my hair. But when I ran out, I wanted to try something else. Good thing this arrived for me a few months before I ran out of DOVE so I have a reserve! Yay!
Lucido-L Hair Makeup Supplements
There are so much at-home remedies I can do to revive my almost dead hair but I can't stand the smell of mayo, or most deep-conditioning hair masks out there recently. Yes, it's the hormones.

More about Lucido-L after the break!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Face Primer Phenomenon from SNOE!

I have been a fan of SNOE ever since I first met founder and president of the brand Jen a few years ago. And since then, she has come up with more innovative products that will blow your mind. I believed in her products and the potential they had in growing into one of the country's best cosmetics brand that I even collaborated with SNOE with my very own pressed powder blushes called SABStance.

To be quite honest, I never thought that home grown brands were in capable of producing such quality, competitive products but SNOE has proved me wrong the day I first tried my first SNOE product which was the Poudre Phenomenon.

This primer/pore eraser product is commonly compared with Benefit's Dr. Feel Good primer balm. I haven't made a review on that one yet but I have used that with my clients in the past. I can vouch however that these comparisons do hold water. It does remind me of Dr. Feel Good! Only the Prime Phenomenon has a more jelly texture than a balm.
SNOE Prime Phenomenon 50ml, PhP 999

Does your makeup slide off your face after just a few hours of wear? Then this might be the solution! More after the break.


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