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Monday, March 31, 2008

Preview reviews three new makeup artists,
and their take on the no-makeup look.

DOING NUDE RIGHT - The Best New Makeup Artists!


Freelance makeup artist Sabs Hernandez (known for doing her signature, flawless and natural makeup look) got her first degree at the ICI Training Center at Franck Provost, here in Manila. Wanting to learn more, she went around Asia and was trained by Vogue Beauty School in Hong Kong and Khun Joe Cosmetology School in Bangkok. We started the makeup session with a few Q&As regarding the look we were aiming for. Sabs firmly told me that a fab face starts with a good skin regimen. After cleansing my face, Sabs swiped some toner, then used a lightweight moisturizer. Sabs let the moisturizer sit for five minutes, then began shaping my brows. Sabs has all sorts of tricks to make makeup last --she always uses a primer to even out fine lines, an eye cream to make concealer latch on, and concealer to hide minor flaws like redness and uneven pigmentation. She then applied the perfect shade of foundation on my face, then lightly dusted some loose powder half a shade lighter under my eyes.

Sabs used a peachy shade of eye shadow to add depth to my eyes. "Chinita eyes need a hint of contour, and a peachy shade always does the trick when applied right on the crease," says Sabs. Since it was a no-makeup look, Sabs made use of earthy shades such as caramel, taupe, and sand. She applied a peachy-brown shade of blush on my cheeks, then created flattering contours with an even darker shade of blush. For my lips, she used a small amount of petroleum jelly to moisturize my dry lips, and with a fine lip brush, painted on creamy nude lipstick. My brows were groomed with a product I had never come across before --a brow mousse! This kept stray hairs in place, and also lightly coated them with a brownish hue. I went out that night with my friends, and someone asked me if I was even wearing makeup. I felt flawless the entire night. My friends teased me about not wearing makeup during a night out. Little did they know, I had a little help from a no-makeup master.

-Liz Uy
Preview Magazine, April 2006

Our Verdict: Sabs makes sure that the person's natural beauty shines through without using a lot of makeup.

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