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Sunday, March 30, 2008

YStyle (Philippine Star), September 15, 2006
by Cat Juan

The average woman likes makeup. With a dab of her powder compact, a swoosh of her eye brush, and a swipe of lipstick she is magically transformed into whatever she wants to be. Vixen yesterday, school girl tomorrow, and maybe just a more colorful version of her natural self today. But some women have taken painting their way to big dreams. They have the talent, the pure love (or is it obsession?) for all those pretty products, and the energy to reach high. We asked them to conceptualize their own beauty editorial to showcase their skill and show us how we can be just a tad more like them.

Once dubbed by Preview magazine as one of the best makeup artists in achieving the "no-makeup, makeup look," Sabs wanted to steer clear of that label for YStyle and show everyone that she can also take the road of fashion extreme. Since the age of 14, Sabs has had passion for makeup. She initially studied countless makeup books while working in hotel sales after college. But when she fully realized that a career in makeup was where she wanted to be, she immediately enrolled at the ICI training center of Franck Provost, and then went on to take more classes at Vogue It Is Beauty School in Hong Kong and at The Khun Joe Cosmetology School in Bangkok. Sabs believes in the importance of investing in great, natural-looking foundation; if it fits your skin tone perfectly, you will look flawless. Sabs also believes in never putting everyone in the same mold. "I believe that all women possess a unique and natural beauty that can be enhanced through the correct use of makeup products. I provide makeup applications that are customized to each person based on her particular features, not based on the latest trends."

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Vianney Guese
Modeled by Pie Arcinue

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