For A Flawless 2008!

Monday, March 31, 2008

For 2008, make it a year to concentrate on having a flawless, spotless face. Try Lancôme's Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3, High Potency Whitening Spot Eraser!

I have always had this problem, when after I get pimples, my skin is left with black spots on where the zit had sat for 3 or 4 days. It takes months and months before it slightly fades, and still left very noticeable. I have tried so many spot erasers that claim to erase unwanted dark spots on skin, but after religiously applying them for about 2 months straight, the stubborn pimple spot is still very noticeable.

When my aunt arrived from the US about 2 weeks ago, she gave me a tube of Lancôme's spot eraser, not knowing that I am closely working with Lancôme. I have forgotten it in my medicine cabinet until I came across the box while looking for my tweezers. I started my treatment that night.

One week later, my mom had noticed that the spots faded already and it didn't leave an icky bleached-looking-spot on my face. Only the 3 pimple spots on my right cheek (all lined up neatly in a row), had faded in just 1 week! The pimple spot that I have had ever since on my left cheek is almost completely gone!!

When you see me in a month's time, my skin wouldn't have any traces of pimples ever setting foot on my face! Hahaha!

When you have stubborn brown spots, this heaven-sent product is what you must take home.

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