Heaven In A Little Leather Bag

Monday, March 31, 2008

Aside from my Lancôme Photogenic Lummesence Foundation 03, L'Extreme WP Mascara, and my Juicy Tubes glosses, I used to think that having liquid hand soap and mints were the staple things I should always have in my bag.

Yesterday, I came from an important meeting and was already running late for a formal dinner party at a friends' house. I promised I wasn't going to be late and would look made up (I always show up in jeans and hardly no makeup on my face). It was her 28th birthday and said this could be my gift for her.

Anyway, I stopped over at McDonald's because I have this no-putting-makeup-in-the-car-rule. I dressed up really quickly and I suddenly remembered that I had no way to put my makeup on. I brought my makeup but forgot to bring my long handled brushes with me (which I always do when I need to put makeup on). I was almost out of the ladies room when I suddenly remembered the 5-pc Suesh brush set that Sheryl gave me the day before from the seminar I gave. There it was in my bag, sitting nice and pretty in my not-so-over sized bag (which means it is so light weight and compact that I didn't notice), still wrapped in plastic.

I am so happy with this set because it comes in soft leather casing and the red handles makes it look so hip and chic! This tiny bag of heaven was a real life saver. For all you gals who are always on the go, this set is a must-have! Leave your long-handled brushes at home where it belongs (and throw away those little brushes that came with your blush and eye shadow sponge applicators that came with your eye shadow palette), and get your hands on this 5-pc professional set for you to carry around. THE Perfect travel companion! Only available at SUESH!

Set includes (L-R) Eyebrow brush, eye shadow contour brush, blush/powder brush, eye shadow applicator, lip/concealer brush, and soft black leather casing.

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