Lancôme's Photogenic Lumessence

Monday, March 31, 2008

Photography by Pocholo Ignacio
Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme
Post by Louie Sumcio

Ok, you might think that this is just another foundation. Not Lancôme's newest foundation called Photogenic Lumessence - Light Mastering Smoothing Makeup. Just when I thought I was going to go crazy when Color I.D. wasn't going to be available anymore here in the Philippines, my boss sent me this new foundation that we were going to launch, the Photogenic Lumessence!

It's light weight, and it miraculously covers any discolorations on the face and believe it or not, even dark circles! It has a slight powder/velvet finish so you can wear it either alone or under your favorite loose or compact powder. I am absolutely in love with this product! For day time wear, you can just add mascara and lip gloss! For night, you can use a darker lip color or an eye liner! Let your skin be the focus!

I used this smooth foundation on Carolina (photo) in a recent shoot we had, and she too fell in love with it. She glowed when the light hits her. It removes unwanted shine, but you glow in all the right places, leaving your skin looking very healthy! It can be worn to work everyday too because it has SPF 15!

What I do is I use it only on areas where needed. I apply it on the T-Zone where the light usually hits my face. It gives my face a certain glow, but doesn't appear sweaty. This smoothing makeup is also perfect for brides! It stays on for hours, and doesn't cake. It's sheer to give that no-makeup look, but thick enough to cover imperfections! This is what I use on my brides, and it gives that air-brush effect.

Try our new foundation at Lancôme counters! Our beauty advisers will be more than happy to help you choose the right shade for you!

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