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Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm sorry... I just have this thing about people wearing blush the wrong way...

Choosing the correct shade of blush is probably the most important element of makeup. Let’s face it -- you can spot those wearing the wrong color or incorrectly applied blush from a mile away. The most common mistake with applying blush occurs when people apply too much in one stripe across your cheeks.

If you have a warm skin tone, blushes that have orange tones and peach tones complements it most (think apricots and bronzers). Women with a cool skin tone are best with red and blue tones (think pinks and berries). Of course, like I always say, there is always an exception to the rule. Keep trying different shades to find one that suits you best. The tips I give are just guidelines on where to start looking. Sometimes the color may be too bright (often looks scary) on the pot, but you'll be surprised how subtle it actually is when you try it on.

Most women make the mistake of applying blush by sucking in their cheeks and applying blush at the hollow part of it in one strip. This looks ridiculous and that's not where you usually turn red when you feel embarrassed, or when you are exposed to the sun. Smile to make the apple of your cheek more prominent and apply a light dusting over the area in a circular motion. Make sure to blend the blush well to ensure no edges are showing.

A technique that works best for me and for the faces that I apply blushes to, is having 2 shades of the same color. Like for example, I always have an apricot-colored blush one that is darker, and one that is lighter and have highlighting granules in them.

Take a look at what I did on Cielo's cheeks in the picture. I used the darker shade and did a light sweep of color in an arc shape from the line of the cheekbone by the apple to the edge of the hairline. This should be a very subtle dusting of color. Remember, with powder blush; only sweep it in one direction to avoid streaks. Then I applied the lighter shade on the apples of her cheeks to highlight it. I blended them together to make it look natural, and yet the colors brought out her cheeks and the shape of her face.

Cream blushes are a new trend and last longer than traditional powder blushes. If you have cream blush in the same shades as your powder blush, try blending the two shades. Apply the cream blush first and then brush the powder on over the cream for a longer lasting effect. A tip to remember is if you have greasy or combination skin, use powder blush. If your skin is dry, go with a cream blush.

If you find that you’ve applied too much, and you will know if you resemble a clown, simply apply a light dusting of face powder over the area to tone down the color.

One can never have too much blush!... IF done correctly!

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