Test shoot with FILROBES

Sunday, March 30, 2008

On one of those days where most of my friends in the same industry I am were bored, we decided to shoot at my condo some beauty shots with my friends as models. It was the first time I worked with my friend Filbert Kung and his photography team (they were just getting into the photography world), and these were the shots that came out. I did the hair as well! Haha! Cielo Fronteras, owner and designer of OLEIC accessories were kind enough to lend us her creations for the shoot! She even gave us some to take home!

I would guess these were shots back in 2006...

Let's see... We started the shoot by shooting head shots of the models. I wanted to make them look fresh and make their skin shine through. I wanted to make the photos look like they were being shot for a skin commercial. They all looked amazing! Kudos to the models and photographers!

Daphne Doroja (She's getting married this April '08 by the way! ~ Best wishes, Daph!)

Angie Sandel

Theatre Actress, Maita Ponce


After our beauty head shots, we shot more beauty shots with more color.

This one is my favorite... This shot is of my sister with her two friends Kate and Daph:

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