Tips to Makeup Last All Day

Monday, March 31, 2008

Seventeen editorial details: Styled by: Liz Uy and Giselle Go / Photographed by: Ronnie Salvacion / Hair and makeup by: Sabs Hernandez / Models: Noelle Hernandez and Jan La'O

Written by Sabs Hernandez

My apprentice, Kiten, recently asked me how to make makeup last all throughout the day. There is no definite way to make it touch-up free, but we can limit the number of times to powder your nose. These tips are not guaranteed, and still vary from skin type to skin type... So find one that works for you!

Good luck!

* * * * *

Often times, I have a very hard time with make-up staying on. It never wants to stay on for me. No matter the makeup brand I choose, it still seems to come right off my face within a few hours (on some cases that I've heard, minutes!). Not only is this a major inconvenience, but it affects the budget too. Makeup can be rather expensive in case you haven't noticed.

After endless hours of shoots, you learn how to make your makeup last longer so that you wouldn't have to re-touch every layout. I think I may have found a solution. It turns out, that we may be the problem. The key to long lasting makeup is the right application along with the right product.

No matter how carefully applied it can be, makeup will pull a disappearing act if you don’t set it. Here are some of my secrets for having your makeup last throughout the long work day:

1. The first best bit of advice I can give you is this: Use everything on your skin in moderation. The more makeup you pile on, the more likely that your blush, powder or concealer will mix with oils from your skin and rub off.

2. When setting your face, dust it with loose powder that is the exact match to your skin tone... a lot of it. If you prefer a pressed powder, lightly apply it on your face, do not rub off the foundation that you have just put on! All this does is erase it from your skin. But I prefer loose powder, reserve your pressed compact powder for throughout the day when your face becomes an oily mess right before your important mid-afternoon lunch.

3. Use a semi-creamy concealer whenever you can. The trouble with concealer is that you want one dry enough to actually cover dark spots, but creamy enough so that your face doesn’t look wrinkly and dry. It's clearly a tightrope to walk. I recommend a light swipe for brightening then powder everything; it will set it nicely without giving you a crinkly, powder-around-the-eye look.

4. Bring blotting papers for daily oil removal. Here’s a crazy idea: take OFF some of your makeup with tissue, blot, then re-apply your powder.

5. Prep your lids with an eye primer or concealer, Then dust it with lots of loose powder. I've used this on my clients and it really makes the shadow last all day with no creasing.

6. When it comes to making your pout's color last all day, try this: Before everything else, apply some lip balm to your lips. After your whole makeup is done, press your lips on tissue to wipe off excess product. Then line your lips with lip liner then color your entire lip area with the pencil. If not, when your lipstick comes off, you're left with lined lips that is soooo unattractive. Top of your lips with your lipstick, blot, re-apply, blot again, then re-apply. This should make your color stick!

I know having to adhere to any more steps during the morning face-grind isn’t the most enjoyable thing to think of, but trust me and follow them. It will be worth getting up that extra twenty minutes early for. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Just have fun! You can always erase it, or add more later on!

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