Working with Kate

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A good friend of mine, Kate Hassaram, had been working with Raymund Isaac for quite a while already when she called me to have some test shots done. A "test shoot" is usually composed of a group where no one gets paid, and everyone gains experience.

I was just about a year in the industry when we did these shoots. We had loads of fun working together, and great styling and photographs too!

Ok, these shots (above) were inspired by an ad we saw for a jewlry shop in the US. I think it was Kate who came up with the look. They told me about it, and I these were my interpretations. Our models were Jessie James and Lani Pillinger.

The one with the geisha inspired photo, was shot the same day we shot the first three. The last one however, was done during my first test shoot with Kate and Pam. Our models were my cousin Francesca Serrano-Wakefield (L) and Cat Juan (R). First layout was Chinese Anime-inspiration, while the second layout was a yin yang concept.

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