Anne Bella

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This shoot was for PREVIEW Magazine's CHOSEN ONE. It came out early last year! Haha! Sorry guys, it's only now all these photos are surfacing! I want to show and tell you all about my work!

Anyhoo... This is actually my favorite segment to shoot ever since I started shooting with Preview because I get to see what's new in the fashion world! Expensive and branded shoes and bags I can try on too including Louis Vuitton driving shoes!! Hahaha!

Another reason why I love shooting CHOSEN ONE is because it challenges me... After doing 5 or 6 different looks, you run out of ideas so you really have to think on your feet, and see where your brush takes you. We were able to do a total of 12 layouts. This shoot was styled by Preview Mag's Fashion Editor, Anne Bella. Our photographer today was Pat Dy. I have worked with Pat several times already! And if some of you remember, he is the one who did the article "PREVIEW MAGAZINE'S BEST NEW MAKEUP ARTISTS" shoot.

We had breaks in between takes so we got to joke around with Barbi Chan and Raymond Santiago who were both there too for another shoot. Today's hairstylist was Angelo Falconi. A senior hairstylist and ambassador for L'Oreal Proffesionnel. Our model was Argentinean girl Mercedes who stands at 5'9" with really gorgeous hair that we all wanted to pull out and take home!

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