April De Jesus-Agregado's Bridal Makeup

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I already posted a blog about April and Johncy's wedding last March (CLICK HERE), but it's only now I got a picture of April from her wedding.

I want to talk about April's makeup. April had great skin and a great smile. With that combination, you don't need a whole lot of makeup on your face. You just need to highlight the areas that need more attention and you are good to go!

On April's chinita eyes, I wanted to give her a more bright-eyed look by washing the lid with a sort of a silver-gray sheer shadow, and load up on mascara. I defined her beautiful eyebrows and brushed her cheeks with a beautiful deep rose blush. I used moose, not powder. Blend it with your hands so that it will really blend beautifully on the skin.

On her lips, I used a matching shade of the blush that is a lip liner and lined and filled her lips with it. I glossed it and finished with a thin layer of loose iridescent powder.

Don't fix areas that don't need fixing! This is one mistake that is common. Sometimes, people think that when you are a bride, you need to be made up to the maximum! With me, when you are a bride, I use as little product as possible, and I make sure it lasts!

Here's April about 7 hours into the makeup...

Makeup: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris
Hair: Paulo Lopez

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