Raissa models for "Daytime Bride"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The first time I encountered this product was with my fellow Lancôme makeup artist Maris delos Reyes. We were doing makeup for a fashion show and I saw this in her kit. While we were waiting for the models for retouch backstage, I asked her to put makeup on me so that I can try Chanel's Sheer Illuminator.

I must agree, this product is great for brides!
Aside from the Lancôme La Base Pro primer that I use, this product gives an illuminating finish that is not really iridescent which makes you look dewy... This product makes you just look radiant! You can either apply it with a sponge, or with Maris' technique, using your fingers. I loved it! You can either wear it alone or under your foundation because it is light weight. It's an extra step for makeup application but the result alone is worth the extra minute. Meet my "bridal" model Raissa. She is on the bit on the morena side and I used this illuminator on her. Its thick white consistency when applied may look a bit too white on you, but it is quickly absorbed by the skin, and you are left with a radiant base.

If you are planning to do your own makeup for your wedding, keep it simple. Remember, pro-makeup artists may use a lot of products on you but they know how to use them and to make it look like you have nothing on. They have special techniques so that you wouldn't have to keep retouching even after they've left. So piling on your makeup yourself may look cakey and overdone. So keep your makeup simple because you can always retouch on your own later on when you need it.

Get Raissa's look>>

1. I first prepped Raissa's face with Lancôme's Eau De Bienfait Clarte, a 3 in 1 cleansing toner to remove any dirt and oil from her face. Then I moisturized her skin with Lancôme's Aqua Fushion infusing moisture.

2. After the moisturizer has been absorbed, I primed her face with Lancôme's La Base Pro to fill in fine lines for a smooth canvas for foundation. This product is the greatest invention of all time. It makes your skin silky smooth!

3. I wanted to make Raissa's skin look radiant so I used Chanel's Sheer Illuminator. Just a thin layer will do.

4. I spot concealed some freckles and other pimple marks and just dusted her face with a loose powder to set the concealer.

5. I started with her cheeks. I wanted to keep her look fresh so I started with the cheeks so I would know which eye shadow to use on her lids later. So i used my fingers to apply Lancôme's 03 Rose Lumiere.

6. I washed Raissa's lids with a soft shimmer pink shadow from the quad palette of Lancôme's Velvet Diaries Verite, and contoured with the dark rose that was in the palette. Don't forget to highlight at the brow bone and at the inner corners of the eyes!

7. I then applied a liquid liner to make her eyes look a little droopy and sultry using Lancôme's Artliner in Noir, for a romantic look.

8. For the lips, I used Lancôme's Color Fever gloss in No. 212 for a soft pink finish.

9. Brush your entire face with more loose powder to set everything with a blending brush. And there you have it! A soft summer look for daytime brides!

*For personal bridal makeup tutorials, contact me and ask about private lessons!*

Hair and Makeup: Sabs Hernandez
Model: Raissa Barzaga

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