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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If you've ever ended up with a bumpy, uneven smudge or a raccoon-like ring, you probably gave up trying to line your eyes a long time ago. Even with the wide selection of eyeliners available – among them pencils, pens and gels – lining the eyes can be a tricky feat for the inexperienced.
Lancôme's interpretation of the eyeliner is as easy to use as any other makeup product, but it offers the added benefits of easy removal and sensitive-eye safety. It is important to remember the following points in order to ensure your eyeliner really lasts:

  • Make sure your eye area is completely dry before application. A smudge-free look requires a completely clean application surface in order to appropriately adhere to the skin. Do not apply moisturizer, to the eye area prior to application. If you are an eye cream person like me, allow it to set for 5 minutes, and make sure you completely set this area with powder!
  • Wait one minute after application to allow the eyeliner to set.
  • Do not apply liquid eyeliner to the inner rim of the eyelid. Though this is generally considered an unsafe practice because it can cause infections, many people do wear eyeliner on the inner rim regularly with a pencil, not liquid.

Liquid eyeliner is still the rage for Summer beauty this year, and while it's sometimes tricky to get on, the look is simple elegance. Try Lancôme's Eyeliner in Noir? I use this on my brides. Plus! It's tip helps easier application for unsteady hands.

Want an easier way to do it? Just take your waterproof mascara, your favorite small angle brush, and apply a thin line of mascara along the top lashes. It will last all day in heat and humidity, while you're looking like a model of perfection. Still not sure? Take your light brown eye pencil. Trace a thin line along top lashes, and then apply your mascara on top. Use your pencil as a guideline to get the line on smooth.

>> To achieve the beautiful wing tip flip at the end, take your brush and align up between the top and bottom lashes, right in between the outer edge of your eye. Then flip out your brush. A perfect winged tip every time.

How to Remove

Plenty of warm water and gentle pressure are the two main ingredients necessary to successfully remove eyeliner. It literally slides off the skin as the pressure and water combine to release it. This is easily accomplished by applying pressure with a wet hand, washcloth or with a showerhead. Be sure to use enough water – the liquid eyeliner especially is extremely long-lasting and water-resistant, so its removal depends on a strong combination of force and moisture. If there are still residues after you have applied water on the area, use a makeup remover that is suitable for the eyes.

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