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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My Secret to Perfect Base Application...

I have often been asked how I apply makeup base so even. Aside from using the airbrush, the secret is investing in a good foundation brush.
I recently discovered SUESH. I first heard of these brushes by searching the internet and stumbled upon Suesh's Multiply Site. They supply not only Stippling brushes (which I personally use), but a wide variety of makeup brushes made from natural fibers that makes it very much skin friendly. It's perfect for cream and liquid foundations, even gel and liquid blushes!

When you use the stippling brush, it provides a satin finish that is very much close to airbrush. It gives that full coverage that you need, and yet has a satin-smooth and light feel to the face. A definite MUST for aspiring makeup artists and for personal use. The result is so even. I personally use these brushes and I can vouch for it. Suesh brushes are affordable and are durable. They can last for as long as you take good care of them! To order, please visit http://suesh.multiply.com

Get this Lancôme look:
On Monique's face, I first applied Lancôme's Photogenic Lumessence Liquid foundation. She already has great skin, so I just need a light foundation to give enough coverage to make her skin even. I lightly dusted her face with Lancôme's Poudre Majeur Excellence in Pêche doreé just to set the foundation. This loose powder provides comfortable and a soft feel to the skin. One of Lancôme's "barely there" makeup. On her eyes, I slightly contoured her lids with Lancôme's Colour Focus Palette in Roses de Bonheur. Just to define her beautiful deep set eyes, and applied the lightest pinkish white shadow on the inside corners of her eyes. I then lined her upper lids with Lancôme's ArtLiner in 1 Noir. An eyeliner mousse that glides on as you apply it. On Monique's lower lids, I slightly shaded the outer part with the darkest shade of the palette and topped it with Lancôme's Le Crayon Khôl in Raisin Noir, which is actually just a fancy-shmancy word for Black. Don't forget to blend all products together! Monique has great cheekbones. So i just contoured her cheeks with Lancôme's Blush Subtil no. 08. Which gives Monique's skin a healthy glow. To soften and remove any dry skin on her lips, I applied Lancôme's Aqua Fusion Lévres. It also gives a highlight that I can't describe, which doesn't have that gloss-y look. I patted excess lip products on her lips and lined and defined her lips with a lip defining pencil by Lancôme's Contour Pro in Rouge Bordeux. This pencil already has a lip brush at the other end for easy blending! I filled her lips with Rouge Attraction no. 320, that gives that purplish-rosey touch. Then I topped her middle lips with Sweet Caprice Lip Gloss from Lancôme in Bouche d'ange. To sport this look during the day, skip the liner. Just apply it when you're all ready to go out at night.

*You can still do this makeup look even without using all Lancôme products. Other brands carry shades that are close to the ones from Lancôme.*

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Photographer: Ari Mallare
Model: Monique Borja

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