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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"If you're having a bad day, try bonzer -- it can cure almost anything." -Paris Hilton

I love Paris Hilton. She can carry the bronzed look even with her fair skin and blonde hair. It looks even better when she gets a tan!

Ok, I used to be afraid of wearing bronzers on my cheeks because I've always thought that it only looked good on morenas. Being in the industry after a few years in the makeup industry, I found out that everyone can wear bronzers. Whenever I would do shoots that would require a more warm look, or just to warm-up fair skin, I used bronzers. I would apply it on the cheeks, a little on the forehead, the nose, and the chin --anywhere the sun would hit your face naturally.

Wearing bronzers doesn't limit you to keep your face simple. There are a lot of eye shadows out there that would go perfectly with bronzed cheeks & body.

On this model, I did a subtle wash of aqua eye shadow mixed with a midnight blue color and outlined her eyes with a metallic electric blue khol pencil (all from Lancôme). The result was amazing! She looked like a summer goddess without looking too orange or sun burned. The contrast of colors made her look fresh. If you stick to oranges and golds, you would look burned. And looking completely sun burned isn't at all sexy... Just painful.

The trick is, keep the rest of your face bare. Don't use a lot of foundation on your face. If you can go without foundation or powder, then do skip it! Just mix your regular moisturizer with an illuminator to give you that dewy effect.

Keep your lips neutral so the focus would be your eyes and your sun kissed cheeks!

I made a list of bronzers so you can find the best one that would suit your skin tone.

Star Bronzer

Box Bronze

Bronzer Duos

Illuminizing Bronzing Powder

Mineral Radiance

Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion

Bobbi Brown
Shimmer Brick

Bronzer in Casino or Laguna

*There are a lot more bronzers out there from different cosmetic brands. Find one that suit you best both in formula and in color!*

Photo of Paris Hilton courtesy of

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Photographed by I-Mag Photo Shoot Out

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