Gretchen Legaspi Trial Hair and Makeup

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The last time I had a sleepover with my cousins Gretchen and Kathy was way back in... MAYBE 9 years ago in Mandarin Hotel.

When Gretch left for Canada 5 years ago, I knew that it would take a looong time until we would be able to that again. Meanwhile... 4 years later, Gretch got engaged and she came home this year for a visit. We were reunited again last night for a sleepover. Gretch and Kat had dinner with friends when I got home, so I stayed up waiting for them to get home so i can see Gretch. They arrived around 11PM and we started our bonding session.

We laughed about everything... From a "tricycle" incident in "IMBESTOGADOR", to a perfumerie scenario that made us go on laughing until 3:30 in the morning... It was so much fun! We just went crazy!

The following morning, we we woke up so early. We had breakfast, and started Gretch's trial hair and makeup session for the wedding. Of course, I'll be doing her makeup (I told her that I'd better be!)! Anyway, this is her picture (above), that's before I did her hair... Hehehe... I just washed her lids with light gold shadow and light apricot blush. I just stained her lips with light bronze lips and sprayed her face with a dewy-effect spritzer. She looked amazing! Also, I did her hair! Yay! Hahaha!

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