Grooming Rajo Laurel

Monday, April 07, 2008

Phew! I can't even begin to describe how nervous I was in grooming Rajo for Preview. We've met a couple of times through Gela and of course in fashion shows, but never have I done his hair and makeup before. But all my nervousness disappeared as soon as he sat down on my chair. He was so kind and classy! He was so polite and not one bit masungit or what! Anyway, I kept his makeup light only because he already had clear skin and rosey cheeks! After this ed, we worked together a couple more times, and he gets kinder each time we see each other, but still maintains professionalism with everyone around him.


Grooming by Sabs Hernandez
Photographed by Bahaghari
Sittings Editor: Isha Andaya

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