Hodge Podge Ad

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I guess you can say that shooting with Raymond is my favorite. I learn so much from him and he really teaches me a lot of tips and tricks.

I was hired for this shoot for the ad of Hodge Podge, a clothing line that will be out soon.. Or I think it's out already (!?) not sure! Haha! Anyway, call time was at 1pm and we got to work right away. I did 2 female models and 4 male models.

We started the shoot with really "wholesome" shoot, and some pretty-pretty shots. The make was amazing on camera (just as Raymond likes it) and the lighting and clothes all fit together perfectly.

Towards the end of the shoot, we shot Jem a little sexier shot, wearing nothing but a soft, fluffy white towel. She looked so sexy and amazing! The contrast of her tan skin really brought out the white-ness of the towel and the gray background. It was amazing. Next was shooting the male models. It was my first time to shoot something "risqué" at with Raymond, so it was quite an experience *blush* hahaha!

I had to put lotion and body makeup on the male models. The shots looked so amazing! I just wish I could ask for copies, but it is for their store. When it comes out at Hodge Podge, I will let you guys know. It'll be near ABS-CBN.

I really had fun at today's shoot. The makeup was kept to a minimum, but came out amazing on camera. I used Lancôme's Pop Cherub Collection on the models which is perfect for that "barely there" spring-summer look.

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