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Friday, April 25, 2008

Yellow is the color to use if you need a picker-upper. I wear yellow when I am feeling a little bit down in the dumps. You do not have to wear just one shade of yellow! There are deep mustards, bright lemon yellows, and my personal favorite... shades of golds!

The eyeshadow shade I am loving right now, is any product with gold specs on them! It's really perfect for summer :)

On the picture, I created a look that would best show you my interpretation of the gold/yellow eyeshadow. Of course, you are not limited in wearing it this way, but just to show you how versatile the color is!

Lani carried the yellow shade (contoured with a gold shade) so well. I honestly never thought yellow could be this versatile, but it really is!


* Wash your entire lid with a yellow shadow, and contour with a dark gold on the creases.

*Highlight your brow bones with an even lighter shade of gold (almost white).

* Keep your lips to a minimum, or just dab some lip gloss :) I used red in this shoot just to complete the whole "oriental" look. But who knows? This might work for you too! So keep experimenting :)


Hair and Makeup: Sabs Hernandez
Photographer: FILROBES Team
Model: Lani Pillinger

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