The Look at FTV's Fashion Show

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Black smokey eyes and hot pink lips was the makeup look for this fashion show (Very hot and very Lancôme!)

Goodness, I don't even know where to begin... Ok, our call time was at around 4 (or 5?). When I got to the VIP room at the Super Club, the girls were all at the staging area rehearsing for the show.

I set up in one corner of the room and waited for us to begin... Gela was coming from a shoot and a meeting so I had to get started without her. I asked my good friend Al De Leon to come watch backstage if she wanted... thank God she came because the models had to be ready so soon! She helped me with the base and I got to work with the rest of the model's face.

Just when I was about to go crazy, Gela arrived and she did her magic... It really was a team effort! The fashion show started at 12MN. The show will be televised in F! Channel while Gela and at the background doing makeup backstage! Hahaha! Hope you guys get to watch it!

Congratulations again to team Lancôme!

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