Lovely Frances of Poland

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

At first glance, the model looked very "pinay". She had dark brown hair (almost black -yes, almost black. It looks light on my camera!) and tanned skin. She had no makeup on, and was just patiently sitting there while Tony did her hair. Flushed and embarrassed, I apologized to her in tagalog... Then switched to speaking in English when I saw the expression on her face. As it turns out, Frances is from Poland.

We began her makeup by prepping her skin. She had nice supple skin and beautiful freckles on her cheeks. She had lovely green eyes which were also speaking of kindness. Frances was one of the most beautiful people I have met. She told me about moving here in the Philippines to model, and she was doing this portfolio shoot to submit in the US.

When it was time for Frances to dress up for the shoot, I had to do 2 more models.

Frances is 5'9, and had a tiny waist. She was so humble and very timid, but when you talk to her, she would look you straight in the eye and spoke with much warmth and sincerity. That quality of hers made her even more beautiful.

Ok ok... The look: I wanted her green eyes to pop so I mixed grayish blue shadows on her eyes. I did the smokey eyes on her and attached false lashes on her already thick natural lashes to make her eyes stronger. I'm so sad the full effect didn't come out in my camera because of the mega blinding flash.

I wish I had copies of the pictures! Darn!

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