Maxim's Hot 100 Party

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Lancome Makeup Team did the makeup of the Brazilian models last Thursday night (May 24) at Maxim's Hot 100 Party at The Rockwell Tent.

We arrived at the dressing room at around 4 and started makeup at around 5. We did the makeup of 10 beautiful (some of which are Argentenian... Shhhhh) models. The look was extremely dewy, heavy smoky eyes, pink glossy lips, BIG hair, and beach- shiny skin!

It was so much fun being with Gela and Robbie again because it's been awhile since we worked together for a show. The Hair team was consisted of Raymond Santiago, Jerry Javier and Helen Egan of L'Oreal Professionnel.

My hands were a bright shade of orange because we had to apply Lancome's Shimmering Tanning Lotion on the model's bodies mixed with petroleum jelly. On top of that, we dusted their bodies with Gela's Lancôme shimmer loose powder that she bought from the states... We forgot was to wash our hands right after applying them on 10 models! Hahaha! When I got home last night to take a shower, my hands were like they were dipped in orange-bronze-paint! We had hands like that for almost 2 weeks!

Anyway, the models hit the runway at around 9:30, and Gela, Robbie, Raymond, Helen, Jerry and I were so pleased about the results of our work for the ramp. Everyone looked gorgeous and Gela's makeup peg of Victoria's Secret look was a complete success. For those of you who were able to catch the show last Thursday... Yes, we were responsible for making the brazilian models look even hotter! Hahaha!

Congratulations to Lancome and L'Oreal Professionnel for a job well done again!

Photo credits of fashion show: Vince Lopez

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