The Much Celebrated False Eyelashes!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Get Flirty Lashes NOW!

Use false eyelashes to define your lashes at the lash line instead of a lot of mascara and eyeliner. Applying false eyelashes can be very easy and make a big difference.

False eyelashes are the key to dramatic eyes. It is amazing how much your eyes will stand out when wearing false eyelashes. Walk on to any studio, or rummage through a makeup artist's kit and you will see false eyelashes everywhere.

Long lashes give a more sophisticated look. Sometimes, when I go out, all i put on is mascara and lip gloss. It really makes me feel like a girl! Haha!

Here are steps on how to put on a pair of falsies, and how to make them look as natural as possible.

* First, choose falsies that are made from natural human hair. These look the most natural. Buy lashes that are not too long and clumped together or are too stiff. You want the ones that are not so thick, and not too long.
* Then you will need to trim the lash strip to fit the width of your eye lid. A mustache scissor is perfect for this job. * Then curl your natural eyelashes.
* Apply the lash glue (I personally use DUO Surgical Glue) along the false lash strip in a very narrow line. Let it dry for a minute until it becomes sticky and gummy.
* Next, sit at a table and place a mirror on the table top and look down. This makes it easier to get the false eyelash on your lash line. This takes some getting used to, so be patient. if you find it hard to control, use a pair of tweezers.
* Place the false eyelash exactly on top of the lash line. Let it dry.

* Use a liquid eyeliner to apply a thin line on the lash band on top of your lash line to cover any glue markings, and to cover any spaces on your lashes.

* Finish by applying one coat of mascara to blend your natural eyelashes with the false eyelashes.
It took me a while to get used to this, but after years of applying them on myself, brides and on models, I have gotten used to it already. Instead of having eyelash extensions, using falsies are actually a lot safer than having eyelash extensions done. Most of these false eyelash glues are water based and hypo allergenic, so they do not damage your natural lashes.

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Photographed by Pocholo Ignacio, assisted by Louie Sumcio
Model Carolina

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