Patty Eustaquio for Preview's Cocoon

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We all arrived at Patty Eustaquio's house at around 2:15. Before I even met her, I was aware of her clothes line and her designs, so it was an honor to meet her. Patty is now the president of YDG.

When Paulo (the hairstylist) and I got to work with her makeup and hair, it only took us a short time to get her ready. Patty had clear, soft skin that I hardly put anything on her face. I only applied tinted moisturizer on her face and blended Lancôme's Pop Cherub eye palette just to add depth to her gorgeous, already deep-set eyes. On her lips, I only applied little color and gloss. On her cheeks, I used a gel blush to make her look naturally flushed, then lightly dusted loose powder on top of it.

Patty already knew how to pose for picture so it was a pretty fast shoot. VJ didn't have any trouble shooting her, the weather cooperated with us so lighting was great too. We were in and out of there for a total of 2 hours! Hehehe... I had a great time shooting this one because it was simple, and Patty was so very nice. Also, I haven't worked with Ray in so long that it was so fun to see him again!

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