Sexy Legs!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When you have gone to the beach and already achieved the color that you want, you would want to show that off when you go out at night. It's still summer time so you would want to wear shorts. Sometimes, tanned skin can appear rubbery and dry, so use this product to make that tan come to life... Even after summer had passed!

Lancôme's Bronzer Spray for legs is safe enough for the whole body. This picture was taken in Boracay after a day in the sun. My tan was uneven everywhere because there were places where the sun can't hit it (or I was too lazy to flip over to bathe the other side) so I looked 2-toned. Hahaha! So I used my bronzer spray to make my skin even and smooth! It even smells like coconut!

Lancôme's Star Bronzer Leg Spray! A Smoothing, instant bronzer for legs. Discover instantly-bronzed, silky-smooth legs. Yummy!

Get perfectly bronzed legs all year round!
This effortless, spray-on bronzer achieves a natural-looking tan in an instant, while reducing the look of imperfections.

Our SunSystem™ technology works in harmony with your natural skin color to enhance it and accentuate the shape of your legs – as a result your legs look smoother, more even and golden-brown.

A beautifully “sun-kissed” result…from morning to night! This fab and chic product comes in 4 shade-levels, 01, 02, and 03!

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