Summer Toes

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Go for a Bold Nail Polish and some toenail bling!

If you are flaunting your toes all over the place this summer, then consider painting your nails a fun, bright color. Bright pink is especially popular this summer and looks great on all skin types. It's especially striking against dark skin.

When wearing your fave sandals or your trusty pair of Havaiannas at the beach (or even malling!), a nicely pedicured foot will make you even more summer lovely! Forget about blacks, browns, and burgundys. Opt for fun summer colors like tropical punch pink or pastels. If you want, find a great nail art salon and make it even more fun by adding some bling!

A piece of advice though, when choosing your summer shade, consider your sandals. I plan to stick with my hot pink -- other colors clash with my favorite summer slippers. But if you're feeling a bit more daring and bold, mix and match your colors to lighten up your mood... and your outfit!

Try Dashing Diva at Beauty Bar! They can do practically anything to your tips and toes!

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