An Unconventional Prenup Photoshoot

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I was looking for pictures from my files when I came across a folder filled with April and Johncy's prenup photos. They are just sooo cute! This was what April had to say:

"Sabs was a former co-worker at the executive search firm where Johncy and I both worked. She is now a freelance artist for Lancôme and her work has been featured in Metro, Cosmopolitan and Preview Magazine. She regularly works with celebrities like the gals from Us Girls, Tina Juan and John Lloyd Cruz. An added bonus is she's so easy to talk to and very accommodating (she squeezed us into her schedule even though she had an 11AM wedding! Thankfully, we didn't make her late for her appointment). Her full profile is on

Didn't get a "before" picture taken anymore. Suffice it to say that I had only three hours of sleep, harassed because of the traffic getting to Sabs' place, plus I disobeyed my derma (again) by pricking my zits. When I went to her, I had three very red, very visible marks on my face, and luggage under my eyes. She covered all that without making it feel like I had a mask on. However, she also covered the mole below my left eye, heheheh! The make-up was fantastic! It lasted more than 12 hours and was subjected to the sun, wind, sweat, kisses, and eating!

Didn't have enough time to get my hair done, so I fixed it myself :-)

Our unconventional photo shoot was held last 08 September 2007 with Kelvin Uy, photographer extraordinaire, talented guitarist and fantastic friend. Venues for the shoot were at the North Forbes Park garden, Johncy's grandmother's house in Forbes and Kerplunk! Studios.

We didn't want to have the usual walk in the park or stroll along the beach type stuff (though we did have some of that), and we definitely didn't want to show mushy stuff. We wanted FUN, FUN, FUN! I do believe we succeeded.

Shout outs to Kelvin Uy, Maan Munoa, Monica Maralit, Umma Villanueva, Pat Jalbuena and Sabs for making it all happen! We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as we had fun getting them taken."

Hehehe... I love them both :) Congratulations to Johncy and April!

Makeup: Sabs Hernandez of Lancôme Paris assisted by Ruth Spence
Hair: Paulo Lopez

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