Maite Ortoll Trial Hair and Makeup

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Maite's beauty is not of a typical Filipina. In fact, I don't think she has any Filipino blood in her! Hehehe! Anyway, she has beautiful fair skin and grey/hazel eyes. I wanted to emphasize both her eyes and her skin. So, after countless coordinating with her sister Bea (Maite lives in the US) via text, she opted for airbrush. Great choice :) I also airbrushed her neck, shoulders and chest to ensure a flawless look.

Maite's having a beach/garden wedding in January 3, 2009, and wanted to plan ahead. So we talked about keeping the makeup to a minimum, and concentrating on skin and lash emphasis. Here are some photos from our trial:

Makeup: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme
Hair: Ricky Diokno for Khiel's Stylist Series
Photos from Bea Manahan (Thanks Bea!)

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