Mheanne's Wedding

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mheanne with friends

When Aia called me to book me for a wedding, I asked her when her friend wanted to have the trial makeup. She said, "No need! The wedding's this Saturday!" Hahaha! Ok, good thing I was available then!

Anyway, when I met Mheanne, she was as lovely as Aia described her to be. It was effortless for me to do her makeup even though we didn't have a trial session. She wore a gown that had a fairytale vibe to it, so I wanted to keep her creamy skin intact by making her face look even more glowing. I wanted to concentrate on the T-zone area and highlight this. I wanted her eyes to glow!

For her lips, I used a pencil names "latte", it had a brownish pink color, and I topped it with a peach colored Color Fever Gloss.

I also did Aia's makeup by the way. The ever so fabulous Aia!


Aia and friend

Mheanne and friend


Makeup: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris
Hair: Mike Bawa
Photos taken from Aia's multiply site

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