Mich models for "Beach/Garden Bride"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

One of my sister's friends, Mich, has gorgeous fair skin that I notice every time I see her. Extremely fair skin is very hard to play up since their white appearance can appear dry (even when they are not) when you put too much powder, or even with no product.

So one day, I was able to convince Mich to model for me for a "beach/garden bride" look. Instead of trying to make her look tan by using bronzers and other products that would make her darker, I actually highlighted her fair skin more. If you have extremely dark skin, altering it will only make you look uneven and orange. So deal with the color you are blessed with... At least on your wedding day :)

Instead of a full coverage foundation, I used a light to medium coverage foundation mixed with an illuminizer, and spot concealed any unwanted spots.

I also used translucent powder on her skin because Mich has pink undertones. I didn't want to use a loose powder with pink undertones since this may highlight it even more making her appear too pink or red. So tone it down with translucent powder. Be careful though, too much of this may make you look very white on camera. So don't over do it, just use enough to set your foundation.

A sheer wash of light pink eyeshadow blended with a light gold highlight should do it. I used falsies on Mich to give her a doll-eyed look, and lined her lash lines with a thick liquid liner to add intensity on the eyes. For the blush, just a sweep of light pink blush and matching lipstick polished her look.

*For bright eyes, add shimmer to the inner corner of her eyes! The result is a fresh look for a garden/beach wedding!

Hair and Makeup: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris

Photographed by: Sabs Hernandez
Model: Mich Rodriguez-Del Rosario

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