Vida Antonio-Bayanin

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who says brides can't wear lip gloss??

Meet Vida, my bride. She had great color, and I know that high glossed lips would make her skin tone shine more. I LOVE LIP GLOSS, I think lip gloss adds character and attitude to any outfit or face. Some people may have told you that as a bride (or bride-to-be), it is advisable not to wear lip gloss for it may be hard to maintain. In my job as a bridal makeup artist, I have experimented on every possible way to make lip gloss last. here are a few pointers on making your gloss last during your wedding.

The first step is to choose a good lip gloss—pick a quality brand. (You can never go wrong with choosing a name brand when it comes to cosmetics; however, if generic is the way for you, then don't hesitate—you can still make it work.) Within your lip gloss choices you have a handful of "long lasting" glosses, or glosses that are meant to stay on all day. If all-day lip gloss is your goal then go ahead and try out the gloss' brand promise. I've found that many claims of cosmetics have some validity to them.

When you settle on a lip gloss and are ready to apply, make sure your lips are already moisturized because if they aren't then your lips will probably just absorb what they can from the gloss leaving your lips gloss-less. Another trick I've found useful is to apply a couple different lip glosses on at the same time. (This is also a nice aesthetic trick). Pick colors that mix well together and the added layer of gloss and moisture will help your gloss to stay on longer. A plus is also the added dimension a color mix can give to your lips.

*On Vida, I used 2 colors of lip glosses. First, I lined her lips with a deep wine pencil and filled her lips with the same pencil. Then, I used a purple colored gloss on the outer part of her lips to make the lip liner color "pop" out more. Then, a gloss with a more shiny effect that is colored hot pink on the inner most part of her lips to give her the pouty effect. Remember -- when doing your lips, make sure that you are using shades in the same color family!

Just know that if you're eating or drinking anything, your lip gloss will definitely rub off faster than if you don't eat or drink, so don't be too upset if you have to reapply after a meal. Fortunately there are ways in which you can keep that sophisticated sheen of gloss on your lips for extended periods of time—you just need to know the right tricks!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Photo from Vida

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