Sunday, May 04, 2008

Spring/Summer is actually my favorite collection of the year. Each year, I look forward to the collection that different brands come up with... Well, that and the winter collection. But since we don't have seasons, we can get away with wearing pastels all year round --make that, Spring/Summer all year round.

This is actually my interpretation of Lancôme's Reveries de Charme eye color quad. I love its texture because you can use it both wet & dry. I love love love it! I used the pastel green, yellow, and pink altogether, blended them, and made the pastel blue stand out by using it as an eyeliner.

Use your blushes in the same family. Blue tones for blue tones, and red tones for red tones... You get the idea.

The most important thing is having fun! That's the beauty of makeup, you can wash it off when you don't like the outcome :)

To complete the look, just wear sheer lipsticks to make you look simply fresh! Try Lancôme's wide collection of Color Fever Lipstick! It has tiny tiny glitters that make your lips all sparkly and adorable. PLUS! They smell oh-so-yummy too!

You do not have to wear all the colors all at once, you can use them one at a time by just washing your entire lid with the color, or 2 colors by blending them well together so there are no visible lines. The line your lash lines with thick liquid liner winged at the tips to sport that 50's look, as seen on the red carpet at the 79th annual Oscar awards! See Charlize, Jennifer, Reese, and Salma sporting this look!

Hair (headpiece) & Makeup: Sabs Hernandez
Model: Margs Lopez
Celebrity Pics taken from Google

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