Reissa Gabutina-Angeles

Monday, June 02, 2008

Reissa, one of my most memorable brides ever. I can never forget Reissa and Jaybee (not that I forget any of my brides... Hehehe), because Reissa was my first bride after I got back from Hong Kong. Even though I had just arrived from makeup school in Hong Kong a few months before her wedding, she trusted me entirely with the makeup. I wasn't even under Lancôme yet!

I made it a point to get to know Reissa before the wedding. I wanted to know what she was like and what makeup she was used to wearing. When we have both gotten comfortable with each other, I knew how her makeup was going to be.

On the day of her wedding, I made it a point to do full coverage and keep it dewy. I hand-blended everything including the eyeshadow.

Reissa had a dainty face so I wanted to keep her blush in on the pinkish side (not necessarily baby pink or rose pink), and her lips just a blushing deep rose mixed with a nude color with a peach/orange undertone.

Up to this day, Reissa and Jaybee and I remain friends... even after 3 years... Cheers to you guys! God bless you always!

Makeup by: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris
Hair by: Uly Soronio
Photos from Reissa and Jaybee Angeles

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