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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A lot of people still ask me what airbrush makeup is. The airbrush technique is specifically designed for a quality finish on skin, less retouching in photographs, and very few -if any- touch ups. There's a misconception that airbrush makeup looks heavy when just like any other makeup application, it's all about the technique, when applied correctly, airbrush makeup continuously looks natural like second skin and feels weightless without looking made up.

Safe Ingredients
The makeup is delivered through a spray air compressor, depositing a light mist. It's safe, the ingredients in airbrush makeup formulas are FDA approved.

Quality Cost
As with anything of quality, cost is relative to your satisfaction. First, airbrush makeup should be professionally applied, not only for the artistic precision and self-indulgence, but safety as the spray is applied with the eyes closed. The cost of airbrush makeup is also valued in its high performance — it is pricier due to the higher quality pigments and formulas that are now on the market.

Covers Flaws
The additional bonus benefit is that airbrush makeup can cover any skin demarcation even stretch marks and pimples. It can be applied on the body; the pigment of the formula is just adjusted for fuller coverage.

Definitely spend the money for a consultation to have the makeup artist determine your skin type and the best finish option. If someone is getting married near a pool or on a beach where sweat is a concern I would recommend waterproof just as I would for a model under hot lights of a photo shoot all day. It all depends, sometimes for the skin type and client's desired makeup look.

Airbrush Makeup: Wedding Day Mist is a Must

If your wedding day look wish list includes makeup that lasts, won't run or end up on your gown or guests, then definitely consider airbrush makeup.

The advantages of airbrush makeup are what the perfection-of-beauty bride desires:

  • long-wear
  • sweat resistant
  • melt-proof
  • transfer resistant
  • non-staining

Sabs Hernandez Brides

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