Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hello friends!

The time has come for me to part ways with my trusty makeup kit with mirror and lights. I will be blessed with a new one so I have to say good bye :) Hehehe...

This kit has been with me for 1 year 1/2. We have been through mostly weddings, fashion shows and cover shoots. She's actually brought me so much luck in my career, so I had to properly thank her before parting with her. Hehehe...

She recently lost her bar though where her stroller would attach to, but otherwise in completely great shape. I will be including the stroller still in case you may have a use for it, or maybe you can find a way for you to re-attach it. Her Lancôme logo is just a sticker, so once her new owner picks her up, I will be removing the Lancôme logo. Her legs fold up and so you can use it or either just put it on top of a table to make it go higher. When the legs are used, the height of a regular chair is just right for the mirror to be at eye level of the client. Well, if you use a Cantoni makeup chair like me, it would be very low. So I just put it on top of a table top so the height would be perfect.

I hope you understand that she is a year and a half years old, so expect minor scuffs and scratches on the edges. She's still in really great shape, it's just her stroller issue that made her look really old. I will clean and polish her real good when her new friend comes over to pick her up.

My makeup sisters, Gela Laurel, Robbie Pinera, and Maris delos Santos, have the same kit. We got it from a makeup artist friend who supplies kits from either Malaysia or other some Asian country. We were able to buy her for 25k each (brand new) back then. I am selling the kit at 50% off (or best offer) -just give me the best price you can offer. So it's up to you guys to put a price on her! :) First come, first served of course. Don't fight ok? Hehehe...

Light bulbs and that itty bitty fan are not included :) Happy bidding!


PS. Message to her new friend... Take great care of her ok? :) Lots of love, she will bring you lots of love & luck too!

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