Lancôme's New Makeup Artistic Director

Monday, July 14, 2008

Aaron De Mey

New Lancôme Make-up Artistic Director

Lancôme is honored to announce Aaron De Mey as the new Lancôme Make-up Artistic Director.

Charismatic, visionary and free-spirited, Aaron De Mey is one of the most talented make-up artists of his generation. Make-up virtuoso, technical genius, this brilliant New-Zealander guided by limitless creativity, takes pleasure in bending the codes of elegance to create surprise.

A true avant-garde artist with a radical and fresh style, he first experimented with the power of color at the Whitecliffe College of the Arts and Design in Auckland. Passionate about painting, his favored medium, he excelled when working with pigments and textures; a gift he would apply to the world of make-up fresh from graduation.

Insatiably curious, he quickly set up home in New York where he successfully fused a series of eclectic references. The depth of his creative universe, his contemporary and non-conformist eye and his unique talent will drive him to excel in his art form. Since then, he has worked with the greatest photographers, the most daring fashion designers, and the most prestigious magazines.

“Aaron De Mey’s world shines with an irreverent, typically French, touch. He perfectly blends impertinence with elegance in order to magnify each woman’s beauty. His arrival as the new Lancôme Make-up Artistic Director opens the door to a new era, which will be more creative and audacious than ever” revealed Odile Roujol, President of Lancôme International.

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