Lancome Unveils Lips the Color of Roses!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Color Fever Dewy Shine!
New from Lancôme


Lancôme unveils Color Fever Dewy Shine, the latest addition to the brand's high-shine lip color line. For the very first time, the Research Laboratories have combined ground-breaking technology and their own unparalleled mastery of color to capture the very essence of the world's most lustrous roses, to reproduce it today in a collection of vibrant lip colors, each a magnificently orchestrated harmony of transparency and sensual color.

All the magic roses for captivating lips with a veil of shine and color

Inspired by the Lancôme rose created in 1973 by the botanist Georges Delbard in homage to the Lancôme brand and its founder Armand Petitjean – the legendary rose with its unique, vibrant glistening petals – and by all the world's most spellbinding roses, the shades in the Color Fever Dewy Shine lip color line shine with a captivating transparency.

Lancôme reveals the sensuality and brilliance of the rose in this sublime collection of eighteen translucent, tinted shades ranging from Sophisticated Pink to Delicate Coral. The vibrant shades come in three stunning effects: glittering "tempting sparkle", iridescent "precious pearl" and the natural and delicate "pure cream".

Adorned with semi-transparent color, the lips are awakened with an incredible vibrant shine.

Lips as fresh and vivid as the morning dew

With its unique know-how and unparalleled understanding of the needs of Asian women, and to provide a tailored response to their particular demands, Lancôme has created a lip color which encapsulates all the delicate sparkle of the morning dew.

Applying all their experience in the creation of high-shine, the Research Laboratories have revealed a unique, cutting-edge technology, Wet-Organic™ Network which gels on contact with the lips, capturing the precious oils and waxes which enables light to reflect vibrantly and amplify shine.

Melting, delicate and authentic, the lip colors in this collection are smooth textured to lavish and pamper lips with indulgent hydration and fresh, colored, transparent, sensual shine.

New striking, ultra-feminine design

Lancôme reveals a totally new lip color design where delicate shape meets skilfully-crafted efficacy to fit the lip shape perfectly for the ultimate in precision application. With its elegant, unique design, Color Fever Dewy Shine revisits the already legendary signature traits of Color Fever: translucent colors, chiseled, contemporary shape and a combination of silvery éclat and transparency. As a final elegant touch, the glowing Fresh Coral cap is a perfect match for the sublime shades and provides an ideal backdrop for the brand name engraved on its base.

Lancôme's make-up expertise to enhance the beauty of lips

Lancôme offers five expert make-up ranges to enhance the beauty of women's lips worldwide.

For those who like to play with color, three lines of lipstick set the standard: for lavished lips bursting with sensual, colored shine, Lancôme has created Color Fever Dewy Shine with its smooth pampering texture; for translucent gloss, Lancôme offers Color Fever Shine to give lips a transparent, colored sheen, and finally, Rouge Absolu with its satin finish and rich colors for sensually voluptuous lips.

Addicts of absolute shine can choose between two "must-have" glosses: Color Fever Gloss which, that to its Plump™ applicator, reveals full lips coated in sparkling shades, and Juicy Tubes, the veritable fashion accessory for luscious lips, with a glossy result and delicious shine.

Color Fever Dewy Shine is available in 12 dewy shades starting August 2008. Retail price is P1,295 in Rustan's Department Stores.

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