Makeup for Candlelight Dinners

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I did the makeup of my sister for her lovely intimate dinner party for her 30th Birthday Party. Catering by Cibo, limited guests to close friends, and candlelit tables! My sister in-law Rica took lovely pictures of her, both in black & white and colored.

To Get Margs' look, take into consideration the lighting. I knew there was going to be limited lighting so I had to adjust everything according to this. When you're putting on makeup for a candlelight dinner, don't put them on with candlelight as well! Use sufficient and proper lighting when getting ready.

Step 1. Use a lightweight and sheer foundation. Candlelight evens out skin tones and hides details with the low light. A heavy, matte, concealing base is not needed, and may look muddy. Make a base even more sheer and lightweight by mixing a dab of moisturizer or lotion with it before applying it to the face. When concealing, try to use a concealer that matches your skin exactly. Using a too light concealer will be highlighted in candlelight.

Step 2. Avoid bronzers. Candlelight creates enough shadows on its own. Bronzers look too dark, muddy and unnatural in this light.

Step 3. Use a soft shade of eye shadow. Depending on whether your complexion is dark or light, some good choices may be an eggplant color or mauve. They can look very warm and glowing in the soft candlelight. They also look natural compared to colder bluish or gray tones. You can use eyeliner so you can create a stronger look, and attract more focus on the eyes.

Step 4. Apply a simple gloss to the lips. Avoid using lip liner or lipstick. The reflection of the flickering flames on glossy natural lips will be dramatic enough, and can look delectable.

Step 5. For your flush, try peachy shades for the cheeks. Peachy tones look good on any complexion from the fairest to the darkest. It can look natural in the gold cast from the candlelight.

Photo Credits
Makeup: Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris
Photos by Rica de Jesus (

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