Unflattering Department Store Lights

Friday, July 25, 2008

This has got to be one of the most embarrassing days of my life. But I have to admit... It was a little funny (?!) hahaha! So girls, let this be a lesson to all of you :)

Today was a free day today for me so I decided to go around the mall and just check out what's new at the cosmetics department. I make it a point that when I am not at work, I do not wear any makeup on my face. I would like to keep my face makeup-free as much as possible (this is something you girls should practice too).

I came across this new makeup counter (I prefer not to mention the brand) at the department store, and started to look around. The counter sales people were so pushy about making me try their products that I finally gave in. I thought, "why not? I might learn something?"... so I sat there listening to the sales lady talk about their makeup line and just let her talk about the ingredients of the cosmetic. The one thing that she concentrated on was the blush. She kept on layering it on my cheekbones and I started to feel uneasy and worried. I told her it was probably enough, and she said that the blush was so subtle and light that layering it would be OK. After endless layers of blush, I checked my reflection in the mirror, and to my surprise, the blush looked amazing! It had a subtle pink glow and it highlighted my cheekbones! I was soooooo tempted to buy the blush but something inside me was still in doubt. I had a lot of nice blushes from Lancôme and I figured that that was the last thing I needed in my kit right now, so I left it alone. I gave my thanks to the counter lady and headed out to the mall.

I noticed that people were looking at me with curiosity, some I had to say were looking at me and were smiling. I was thinking that I must be looking so pretty with this blush because I was getting all the attention! Anyway, I bumped into an old high school friend of mine and we started to chat, I could see in her eyes that she was eyeing me, and was wondering about my face. There I was smiling and beaming with pride and felt so flattered! She even asked what I was doing now, and told her I was a makeup artist. She reacted with a "really?"... I didn't think any of it until I got home and saw myself in the mirror...

OK, this is the result of having your makeup done under department store lights. My blush was bright HOT pink with a visible lines going up to my temples along my cheekbones. When I was in makeup school, I have always been told that you should always check the color of foundation on your face outside on natural light to see how it really looks before buying. I just thought it made perfect sense because I knew that lights in departments stored had red-lights mixed with soft orange hues that made every one looked flawless, blooming, and pretty...

So all you ladies out there, the next time you buy makeup, try them on and go outside where there's natural light and check if if compliments your skin tone.

Blush application should be seamless and has no hard edges. Try blending your blush with a round brush in circular motions from the apples of your cheeks up to the temples. Start with as little product as possible. You can always add on if you still need more.

Photographed by Pat Dy
Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris (tearsheet)
Hair by Ogie Rayel for Khiel's Stylist Series
Editor: Jennie Llamas-Garcia

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  1. Bet she seemed snippy when you refused to buy it.


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