Eyeliner: Choose your formula!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Switching from one formulation to another is an easy way to completely change your look. You can achieve a different look just by switching from khol to liquid to pencil to gel. Eyeliner provides a dramatic and intense effect with just a little effort. This is why the eyeliner is the single most favorite makeup tool in my kit that I can't live without!

Choose your formula!

Liquid or Gel: Liquid liner (or Gel) is the most precise and long-lasting and has the sharpest, most defined look. Whether you choose a waterproof formula or not, this one stays on. On the flip side, this can look dated. And as anyone who has applied it with a shaky hand knows, it is the hardest type of formula to use.

Pencil Eyeliner: Pencils go on relatively quickly and blend easily (specially when you use KHOL), so they're and easy everyday option. Automatic, mechanical and felt-tip pencils are always sharp, but be careful: precise lines can look severe on eyes of a certain age. Khol pencils tend to be fatter and softer and have an almost powdery consistency, which makes

Cream Eyeliner: This formula usually comes in a jar form and is applied with a damp eyeliner brush. It dries a lot faster and is easier to use then the liquid eyeliner, but has similar dramatic results. This is hard to blend since it dries quickly.

Powder Eyeliner: This is the most natural-looking kind of eyeliner, and it's easy to apply with almost any type of fine, shot-bristled brush. Some cake (or some call it pressed eyeliner powder) liners require a moist brushm but most can be used wet or dry.

So, which comes first you say? The eyeliner or the eyeshadow? It depends on the look you want. For example, for a smokey eye, dark shadow goes on top of your liner to "set" it, but for a cat eye look, you'd draw a dark line over pale eyeshadow. Take your time to study different techniques and get comfortable (and steady) with sharp pencils and stiff-edged brushes. Once you have mastered the eyeliner, you will realize that liners can be very versatile and expressive.


Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancôme Paris

Modeled by Francesca Serrano-Wakefield

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