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Thursday, September 11, 2008

This was the video that made me cry during Rajo's fashion show... Enjoy!

Rajo Red! from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo

Here are some photos from the runway! The makeup team (including me) were so happy that the makeup we did registered so well on stage. I loved the lashes, the reds, the shimmer, contours, and the lips! We all each had 4-5 models to do, it seems not that much but believe me... It was sooooo tiring! In the end, it was very very rewarding. I truly love working with Rajo, and with the hair and makeup team: Gela, Jigs, Robbie, Barbi, Stacey, Maris, Claire, Marlon, Eric!

It was only Me, Jigs, Raymond, and Robbie who watched the show. Gela was seated with her hubby somewhere in the front row.. Of course!

For more runway photos, please visit


Photos taken from
Video taken from Jason Magbanua
Photo of Jigs, Raymond, Robbie and me taken by Sidney Yap

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