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Friday, September 12, 2008

I did the makeup for my sister and Maita for Kathy and Mike Huang's wedding last Sept. 6. I opted to do airbrush on both for longer wear, and since they are both not used to wearing makeup, airbrush was the way to go.

My sister wore a gown by Inno Sotto. She wore a lovely nude gown. It was absolutely gorgeous! I didn't want the makeup to outshine the dress (which I think is impossible anyway... Hehehe), so I kept everything nude, and just emphasized on the lashes.

For Maits, I know that she's not the makeup kinda gal, so I just gave her a slight smokey eye and an earthy lip color that would go nicely with her purple gown. She is not the type of girl who would wear a lot of makeup on her eyes, but I didn't want to leave them bare. The slight smokey eye gave her a little color, but not an exaggerated, over-kill, made up look!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez for Lancome Paris
Hair by Bea Misa for Margs
Angelo for Maita

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