2-minute City Look!

Monday, November 10, 2008

In a recent trip to New Jersey/NYC last October (hence the absence in posting the entire month), there was this one day when my sister, my cousin China, and I wanted to dress up when we went to the city. They requested I did their eye makeup so we would all look fab and blend in in the city. Hehehe...

All I had was my personal makeup kit which contained a face powder, 2 sets of quad shadows, a couple of lipsticks, mascara, black liquid liner and my 5pc SUESH brush set. I didn't have an eyeliner pencil so I had to use China's.

For a quick fab heavy smokey eye (like on China -girl on right), draq a very thick line of pencil eyeliner from lash line to crease, and blend with black or dark grey shadow. Make sure that you blend real well and get rid of harsh lines. Then smooth the edges with a highlighter like a light silver or shimmery bone so that the edges will be completely smoothed out.

On my sister Margs, she had nice deep-set eyes so I didn't want to do the heavy smokey eye. Instead, I just pencil lined her eye and blended the edges with a cotton swab. Just blend, blend, blend! Then after, trace it with eyeshadow the same thickness as your pencil so that it will set.

If you want an even heavier look like mine, just draw a very thick line of pencil liner (thicker than China's) and don't blend it! Just dab eyeshadow over your pencil lines so it wouldn't budge or run.

It only took me about 5 minutes to do both their eyes (including mine), but if you are not used to wearing makeup don't get frustrated when you take longer. Just practice and you'll be doing your smokey eye like a pro in no time!

I hope this was helpful to the girls who wrote me emails requesting for a quick way to do smokey eyes!


Top 3 essential tools for the look:

Personal brushes -to order your own SUESH 5pc. brush set, visit http://www.suesh.com

Black pencil eyeliner. Helpful tip: If you want pencils for easier blending, buy KHOL pencils.

Black/dark grey eyeshadow

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