Beauty of India - Gold & Plum

Friday, November 14, 2008

My sister Margs is attending another wedding today. Good thing I didn't have any shoots today so I was able to do her makeup again, which is one of my favorites! I love doing her makeup because her face is versatile, but her features are unique... It's so fun to experiment on her! Plus, she wears different gowns every time so it gives me the opportunity to change looks. From nude gowns to red carpet big gowns... I am able to update my makeup look too!

I was with her when she bought her gown so I knew the color. She's wearing a plum tube gown with a long train so I can ask Tony (my hairstylist) to keep her hair up (my favorite). I always want it up and loose to keep it "young and fresh".

For her makeup, I never used gold eyeshadow on her before so that is the color I chose. My inspiration was a cross between an Egyptian princess with a 1920s twist.

I washed her lid with yellow gold shimmer shadow, and contoured with a light brown shadow. I lined her eyes with a plum & gold liner, from Lancôme's current "Onyx Splendor" (or in some countries known as Beauty of India) collection. I smudged it with a deep plum eyeshadow and patted liquid gold shadow on the inner corners of her eyes. I applied 2 coats of L'Extreme mascara on her lashes.

For the cheeks, I used a deep rose sheer blush to keep it on the light side. I want her skin to show underneath all the makeup products to keep her looking youthful... Oh! And I should mention, she's pregnant with her 3rd baby, that's also why I didn't want to use a lot of products on her face :)

The main focus of the look is the lips. I want it to stand out! Even though I was using a daring, bold eye shadow color, I wanted the lips to give that 1920s twist I imagined. I lined and filled her lips with Lancôme's plum lip liner and glossed it with a bronze gloss to give dimension and a pouty look.

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich

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