Cristina Lopez Trial Hair and Makeup

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My January 2009 bride Cristina, had her trial hair and makeup today. This was the first time we met and when we finally did, my first impression of her was that she looked so young and sweet! While we were discussing her hair and makeup, I already knew what makeup would suit her. I wanted something very "angelic" and blushing!

Airbrush was the way to go. I loved how the airbrush on her looked very flawless. My foundation glided on her and it was more amazing than usual! Hehehe...

Too keep her looking youthful, I didn't thin her eyebrows. I even made it fuller! I wanted to make her look really young because the look suited her!

She said that people would mistake her for looking "mataray", but Tony and I didn't see that at all. We were actually surprised that someone would say that about her.

For Cristina's hair, she wanted something like Jessica Alba's which was a very good choice. I think that curls would very much suit the shape of her face and her very mahinhin personality. She completely trusted me and Tony to work our wonders and she didn't restrict us in any way. Cristina is an easy bride! Hehehe...

For Cristina's eyes, even though she was chinita, I found that her eyes were the easiest to make up. She had a sort of a "cat's eye" shape about them that even with the littlest product, her eyes would play up already.

I kept the cheeks looking naturally flushed by stippling cream blush on her cheeks combining it with powder. I set it with brightening white powder, then added a second layer of orange blush. I used 3 colors of blush on her cheeks to match
a. the bronzer I applied all over her face
b. the nice shade of pink I got from Lancôme recently

I airbrushed her chest and set it with a yellow based powder combined with irridescent powder to give the skin a healthy glow. Specially on camera. Cristina and her fiance were going to have a pre-nuptial photoshoot in High Street after our session.

Tony didn't upstyle her hair because she would look to made up for her pre-nuptial shoot. So He curled the ends of her hair and just added Cristina's hair band. She looked so cute! I think our session went pretty well, and we would all get together again in January on her wedding day!

PS... Don't you just love the lashes on her??

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich for L'Oreal Professionnel

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