Greenbelt's Holiday Fashion Show '08

Thursday, November 20, 2008

L♥vin' PMAP!

Tatin and I just had the longest day of our lives! Hahaha! There were 13 female and 7 male PMAP models, and there were only 2 makeup artists! Thank goodness we were used to doing the PMAP Models' makeup for fashion shows so we didn't have a hard time because they were such pros and they were all so lovely... We didn't get to finish because they were just too many for me and Tatin.

We were pressed for time that Bianca V. offered to do her own makeup, and she also did Ornusa's! Thanks Biancs!! You're a life saver! Hahaha! Felicity did the male models' grooming! Sigh...

Anyway, the look for the fashion show was very autumn and very Gucci. We used browns and bronzers. Long full lashes, black liners and nude creamy lips! I love it!

Here are the models that I did... I love them all! Hehehe... My muses for the day were (L-R) Mia Ayesa, Melissa Frye, Rissa Mananquil, Valerie De Guzman, Marilen Faustino, Girlie Benitez, and Raya Mananquil :)

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez (on photographed), and Tatin Yang
Hair by Felicity Son, John Valle, Bea Misa

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