Jenna & Mike

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jenna & Mike
will tie the knot on March 2009! Here are pictures from their prenup photo shoot... I just love this couple! They are so energetic and the way they are with each other is like they are just "mag kabarkada", they tease each other to death! Hehehe... So cute!

Jenna wants to look natural and wants to look like she just did her own makeup. Since she doesn't own a piece of makeup except for a strawberry chapstick, she trusted me completely with her makeup! Hahaha!

We went for the airbrush because I knew she wasn't used to wearing makeup at all! Not even face powder! Airbrush will make her feel comfortable since it feels like second skin.

She kept asking me what I was putting on her because she didn't know what purpose it served! She's just adorable!

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