Mitzi Benares Trial Hair and Makeup

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I had a trial hair and makeup today with Mitzi Benares. I must say, she is as lovely as how she sounded on the phone.

Mitzi has gorgeous skin so opting for airbrush makeup is just a plus for her. She could have done without the foundation, but of course it is necessary for photographs and the video. She is having a kind of a late-afternoon wedding so I did her eyes in a light lilac/violet eyeshadow color so that the golden-orange sun set will reflect nicely on her makeup when she does pictorials before the reception. I was thinking if I should put false lashes on her but she didn't need them either. Mitzi had nice long lashes, plenty to work with that defined her eyes beautifully.

For her lips, I gave her a slight stain so that she wouldn't look to made up for the photographs... Just glossed it up to give her a sexy pout!

Makeup by Sabs Hernandez
Hair by Tony Dusich

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