Character Makeup

Friday, December 05, 2008

My friend Gary was going to a Christmas party last night that required a costume. Their company had a ROCK theme where they were required to come as their favorite rock icon. He asked me if I could transform him into Billy Idol. Ok... I didn't who know in the world Billy Idol was so I asked for a picture. As soon as I saw the picture he sent me, I knew that Gary could actually pull the look off! So, a few hours before the party, we went to work:

I thought that it was pretty close... Although some people at the party thought he looked more like that guy from Twilight than Billy Idol, but I thought it looked OK! Hahaha! Well, I still had fun putting makeup on him and mega-contouring his cheekbones! Not to mention, styling his hair and spraying it with gold temporary dye!

Hair and Makeup by Sabs Hernandez

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